The Laser standard is the RichMedia format dedicated to the mobile, embedded and consumer electronics industries. LASeR provides a fluid user experience of enriched content, including Audio, Video, Text, and Graphics on constrained networks and devices.

LASeR addresses the requirements of the complete richmedia publication chain: ease of content creation, optimized delivery and enhanced rendering on any handsets.

Inspired by the best concepts of state-of-the-art solutions (SVG,MPEG, FLASH, BIFS, etc), LASeR tunes and optimizes each required feature to effectively respond to the need of an efficient open standard for RichMedia.

The 3GPP draft Dynamic Interactive and Multimedia Scene (DIMS) specification is mandating some MPEG-LASeR features.

The MPEG-LASeR working group is finalising the first amendment of the specification. A corringedum is also specify.


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Latest LASeR specifications
Nov. 2006